Los Angeles | October 27, 2017 9:00 am

Welcome to the Hotel Californian. Such a Lovely Place, Indeed.

Last one to the rooftop pool’s a rotten egg

Fall doesn’t offer many government-issued holidays, so it behooves a man to make his own.

As for where to take it? You’ll do no better than the newly opened Hotel Californian in Santa Barbara.

It’s a spa with a Spanish feel that abuts the city’s art-laden Funk Zone and Urban Wine Trail. Originally built in 1925, the hotel was later wrecked by an earthquake. The new property utilizes the historic Spanish colonial facade yet adds a Turkish-style spa and rooftop pool with views of the barrier islands.

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Before hitting the town, head to the newly opened Mosto Crudo for some Santa Barbara pinot, toasted bread with creamy brie, local nuts and honey.

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For lunch, try Corazon Cocina, a Mexican counter in the public market where even the cauliflower tacos will make you drool. We first heard about it from the owner of PICO in Los Alamos, who drives 30 minutes just to eat there.

And after that? Well, there’s nothing wrong with spending a spa weekend at the actual spa.

But if you need a little adventure in the mix, check out Outerknown co-founder John Moore’s guide to the area, which includes surfs, hikes, shops and more.

Bon voyage.