Los Angeles | March 16, 2015 9:00 am

You’re in a Room with a Psycho

The creepy reality game you must play

Rarely does one endorse being locked in a room with a psycho.

But we suggest you do so, at Captvt, an immersive game that makes for one helluva good time, now open in Downtown L.A.

Located in a converted industrial building, Captvt offers you two different immersive games in two different rooms: the Psycho Room or the Spaceship Room.

In both experiences, you’re given a set of clues that lead to the key that unlocks the door.

The time limit: 45 minutes.

You’ll need to decode puzzles with MYST-level complexity. Sometimes you’ll need to search dead bodies for markings.

The rooms’ layout and furnishings are arranged with a set designer’s eye for detail.

Clues give way to secret rooms within the greater room. Just as often, the answers are hiding in plain site.

Each room holds 2-6 people, but many heads are better than one.

So group dates, guy’s night, or any other sort of situation where you want to test your crew’s mettle … or determine whom to fire.

The best score for getting out is 42 minutes, and so far only 10 percent of participants have unlocked the door.

Your correspondent took a group of nimble-minded lads and though the house won, everyone still had a blast.

Time flies when you’re under the gun.

Nota bene: To make a night of it, go to Captvt first, then head to D’Vine Wine Cellar for wine, flatbread and live music.