Home Goods | July 8, 2016 9:00 am

The World’s First 3D-Printed Restaurant Is Coming

Everything inside: 3D-printed. Yes, even the food.

This is about the restaurant of tomorrow.

Dutch 3D printer maker byFlow is opening the “world’s first 3D-printing restaurant” later this month in London with the launch of Food Ink., a roving pop-up experience where pretty much everything — menu, utensils, decor and, yes, even the food — are designed and 3D-printed for your dining pleasure.

While many see the 3D-printed food industry as an answer to larger questions (like world hunger), its future is still largely in question given its limited practicality. But Food Ink. hopes to change that by offering diners a “most exquisite interactive edible experience” while giving anyone and everyone who’s ever wondered how 3D-printed food works a chance to see and taste the possibilities up close and personal.

The pop-up opens in London on July 25th, with a world tour to commence thereafter. You’ll wanna keep up to date here.