Home Goods | March 3, 2017 9:00 am

Is This the Best Looking Bar Cabinet Ever Made?

Mad Men looks meet ingenious modern engineering

Your leisure time could use a bit more structure.

We mean that figuratively (vacations don’t plan themselves), but also literally.

I.e., this structure: the Libation Station, a new bar cabinet straight outta Mad Men that’ll transform your home into a proper drinking pad.

It’s the latest and greatest from Sean Woolsey, a craftsman who is also responsible for some of the world’s best-looking ping pong tables and office desks.

When we last checked in on Woolsey in 2013, the SoCal-based woodworker was making some impossibly handsome cutting boards, each individually crafted from walnut, hard maple and post-storm fallen trees from Hurricane Sandy.

Woolsey’s new Libation Station holds up to 25 bottles of booze and 20 more bottles of wine, with a dedicated storage space for glasses on the bottom. Plus, it has assorted nooks for bitters, mixers and drinking paraphernalia.

It’s all about presentation. Whereas Woolsey’s other work is inspired by the outdoors and “imperfect things which bear the imprint of time,” the Libation Station is constructed out of high-grade aluminum and feels very precise.

That said, there is a slide-out black walnut tray finished with food-grade mineral oil “that smells like heaven.” It’s the best place to prep your drinks, mixers and garnishes.

The cabinet is designed for easy mounting (it should only take a few minutes), and every Libation Station is made to order, available in black or white, and delivered about 3-5 weeks after you place an order.

A few other SW products we dig:

The Woolsey Ping Pong Table, a black walnut/sugar maple stunner which easily transforms from a dining room table to playing surface in seconds … although it might be too nice to scuff up.

The Waterfall Desk, a purposely asymmetrical wonder that features a magnetic power block you can attach anywhere on the steel frame. Why the name? It features “a continuous grain flow of Black Walnut from the top waterfalls off the edge of one side of the desk, while leaving a hairline of space for visual interest as well as for uneven floors.”

And some really cool copper art that involves a never-been-tried marbling technique.

Your man cave has never looked so becoming.