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This Underwater Drone Gives New Meaning to Catch and Release

The PowerDolphin will make a fisherman out of you yet

Nowadays there are many options for fisherman looking to gain a competitive advantage, though none of ’em invite head scratching quite like this one. 

Dubbed the PowerDolphin, this app-controlled underwater drone from Japanese firm PowerVision was created to do two things its namesake excels at: catching fish and saving lives.

To help achieve the former, the PowerDolphin has a rotating 4K camera that can capture photos and footage at 30 frames per second, then streams to its owner at 1080p. Fish-finding PowerSeeker sonar can also be hooked up to the underside of the PowerDolphin to allow it to scan the area and draw underwater topographic maps for use in the present or future. If the PowerDolphin detects fish, it can dispense bait to make sure they don’t swim away.

As for life-saving measures, the deep-diving drone has an attachable tow line that allows it to deliver rescue rings, life jackets and supplies to swimmers in need while reaching a top speed of nearly 12 MPH.

“The PowerDolphin is a new lifestyle drone that is not only suitable for photographers, fishermen and other water sports enthusiasts but also for rescue and scientific researchers, providing adventurers with a new perspective of life,” PowerVision CEO Wally Zheng said in a statement.

The drone hits the shelves in April with a price tag of $750.