Home Goods | October 10, 2017 9:00 am

This Lamp ‘Storms’ Every Time Donald Trump Tweets

Someone throw us some paper towels. We're in for a messy one.

While it won’t shed any light on what “Covfefe” means, a new connected lamp has the potential to come in useful the next time the Commander in Chief starts tweeting up a storm.

Created by designer Parse/Error, the Political Lamp creates a thunderstorm of light within its glass dome every time Donald Trump opens his digital yapper on Twitter.

“The [idea] behind the Political Lamp is to hide its true nature behind a beautiful object,” the designer explains, “which immediately modifies the observer’s gaze when its purpose is revealed, causing anguish and fascination.”

Set to work in real-time, the blue-hued piece is more of a thought exercise, and is not actually meant for use on your nightstand.

Unless you want nightmares.