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Towable Tailgate Exists Because Pregaming Has No Limits

Let's be real, it was never about the game

If you’ve tuned in to watch a Saturday broadcast of ESPN’s College GameDay within the past three years, you’ve likely seen the handiwork of Georgia-based Towable Tailgates. And no, they don’t make the helmets, shoulder pads or footballs.

What they do make are trailers like the one the GameDay crew has been pulling around behind their cross-country bus for the three years. Thankfully for us normies, they also make smaller models for purchase.

Like: the Ultimate Tailgater, a living room on wheels that includes everything you need to enjoy the big game without ever having to buy a ticket or leaving the parking lot.

Tailgate (5 images)

Packing a wall-mounted 48-inch LED TV, a 1,000-watt Sony home theater system and a 25-foot power cord for plugging everything in, the satellite-topped travel trailer has everything you need to take your party on the road. Also included: a stainless steel grill, fridge and microwave, a 30-gallon cooler and, most importantly, an actual bathroom.

Already riding on 15-inch wheels and radial tires that make it towable across all sorts of terrain, the Tailgater can be further customized with air conditioning, a keg tap package or bunk beds.

The cost of the Ultimate Tailgater? About $14,000. Ditching porta-potties forever? Priceless.