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5 On-the-Market Starter Homes for Newly Minted SF Millionaires

Not sure what to do with that IPO cash? Try one of these.

The Listings covers the best of Bay Area real estate, in all its wild glory. This month: some suggestions for the newly minted IPO millionaires. And for all of us about to get priced out: take a long look at that parenthetical at the bottom.

Payout: $1.5M
What you’ll get: A four-bedroom house in the Sunset
Where: 1782 27th Avenue
Why: You can find a condo closer-in, but if you want a house-house, this is your spot: four bedrooms, 2+ bathrooms, and “one of the larger kitchens in the area,” which is always a bonus. You’ve also got a parking spot, which seems like the least you could ask for $1M+.

Payout: $3M
What you’ll get: A “house-like” 4BR in North Beach
Where: 186 Francisco Street (#4!)
Why: Focus on the interior spaces and you’re basically living in a Dallas McMansion. Oh, but those killer outdoor spaces: five in total, ranging from balconies to patios and all offering sweeping views of the Bay, Marin, Alcatraz, bridges galore and everything else.

Payout: $5M
What you’ll get: An investment opportunity in the Mission
Where: 658 Shotwell Street
Why: So you made your money in tech and now you’re looking for something that’s less likely to be pushing against the fabric of our society. Have you considered … real estate! If not, here’s your chance, for “development, or all kinds of possibilities.” (Otherwise, here’s a four-bed “architecturally significant retreat” in Belvedere.)

Payout: $10M
What you’ll get: A mansion in Presidio Heights
Where: 3990 Washington Street
Why: So you want a spread, but within city limits? Tomettes in the kitchen, marble in the bathroom, sunshine everywhere thanks to the expansive southern exposure — plus six bedrooms, 7,600 square feet and room for four or so cars.

Payout: $25M
What you’ll get: Basically everything you want
Where: “Undisclosed address,” Alamo, CA
Why: You’re retiring, right? Or at least prepping for whatever comes next in the privacy of your 12-bedroom, 100-acre spread. Tend to your grapes (yep, there’s a vineyard) while sizing up the competition. Per the listing: “You know you are just minutes from the City, but you can easily convince yourself that you are in the French countryside.” (Oh, and P.S.: You can live in the actual French countryside for basically nothing, like this four-room house for under $100K.)

All images via Zillow