Home & Design | November 6, 2017 9:00 am

RVs Are Ugly. This One Is Not.

More like Loser-bago, amirite?

RVs: Dreamy in concept, expensive and unwieldy IRL. And, let’s be honest, a bit ugly.

Try as they might, even the newer offerings can’t quite shake the boxy, cookie-cutter look of the archetypal Winnebago (a classic look, but dated). But the tiny home movement, with its focus on minimalism and smart design, has helped push the standard of towable domiciles towards a more Instagrammable aesthetic.

Still, few can pull off the field’s biggest feat: making a space with a tiny footprint actually feel huge. Wyoming-based tiny home manufacturers Wheelhaus have rather nailed it with their newest modular model, the Roadhaus Wedge, a more portable, compact version of their classic Wedge House.

wedgehause (7 images)

It’s about half the footprint of their standard model, and has high ceilings, eight-foot doors and oversized windows. Not bad for a  structure just 160-240 square feet. When you move in, everything is ready to go — appliances included. All you need to do is get furniture and pick a destination.

Curious, but not ready to commit? Wheelhaus has three sites near Jackson Hole for trying out the different models overnight.