Home & Design | October 24, 2017 9:00 am

Is This Pop-Up House Just Two Smaller Houses in a Trench Coat?

Finland's micro-cabin is the footprint of a parking space

In the big city, a really good parking spot is one of the most coveted commodities you can find.

Possibly becoming even more in demand in the future? A really good parking-spot-sized home like this.

Created by Casagrande Laboratory in Finland, the 8.2-x-16.4-foot Tikku (Finnish for “stick”) has 403 square feet of space spread over three floors. Built for Helsinki Design Week, the Tikku contains a work area, bedroom and greenhouse, but has no shower or kitchen because residents should theoretically be able to find running water and food nearby.

Made from cross-laminated timber, which Casagrande claims is five times lighter that reinforced concrete yet firm enough so that no added insulation ins required, the Tikku is powered by solar panels and can be assembled overnight from prefab pieces without the need for a foundation.

Tikku Tiny Home (7 images)

“I would like to emphasize how easy it was,” Casagrande principal Marco Casagrande told Fast Company. “It’s almost ridiculous. Usually, building a house is really a pain in the ass, and it takes so much effort … In this case, it just popped up.”

And its more than just a one-off pop-up. Casagrande has started selling Tikku models for the reasonable price of $41,500 (though springing for a parking spot to put it in will cost you extra).

Here’s a clip showing the first Tikku coming together in Helsinki. Crank up the volume. Or not.