Home & Design | October 23, 2017 9:00 am

America’s ‘Safest’ Home Will Have a Hidden Waterfall Garage

A 30-car hidden waterfall garage, for those counting

“One of, if not the, safest home in America.” That’s the listing for Rice House, an innocuously sounding, $14 million estate up for sale about 30 minutes from Atlanta.

Designed by a former security architect who drew up buildings for the U.S. Department of Justice, the Rice House features ballistic doors built to withstand AK-47 fire, concrete walls reinforced with rebar, and a 15,000 square foot off-grid bunker that has its own geothermal and solar power sources, as well as its own water supply.

Rice House (3 images)

So, it’s safe.

But it’s also spacious, and filled with fun amenities. It’s an eight-bedroom, 14-bathroom mansion, spread over 3.5 acres, with an art museum, game room, spa, bowling alley, private theater, infinity pool, wine cellar and indoor shooting range. Best of all, there’s a 30-car garage hidden behind a waterfall (very Batman).

We say, snap it up. It’s a bargain, considering that it cost $30 million to build — though you’ll need to shell out an additional $4 million to finish the place.

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