Health & Fitness | October 11, 2016 9:00 am

Your Liver Called. Said You Should Be Drinking Hoppier Beer.

IPAs: Still not GOOD for your liver. But better.

In what may seem like comic fodder, German scientists have just discovered that drinking hoppy beer — like IPAs — may be less harmful on your liver than other forms of alcohol.

Published in Oxford University’s Journal of Alcohol and Alcoholism, the study followed a group of mice that were given grain alcohol, standard beer with the hops removed and hoppy beer. The mice swilling the hoppy brews developed less fat in their livers than the other two groups.

The scientists treated the mice like fraternity pledges, administering the booze in binge quantities meant to mimic the patterns of regular drinkers. Twelve hours after the mice were fed the booze, the ones that drank the hoppy style had the least amount of fat in their livers, suggesting that it was the hops — and not the beer itself — that was responsible for the reduction.

This new study comes on the heels of several others proclaiming the salubrious benefits of beer, all of which we’ll happily raise a glass to.