Gear | November 1, 2016 9:00 am

We Tested Out a Foldable Two-Foot TV Screen

The reaction was bigger than expected

A few months ago we spread the word about a foldable, two-foot screen that fits in your pocket called SPUD (Spontaneous Pop-up Display).

We called it “too good to be true.”

Now, it’s true.

Just in time for its Kickstarter launch this week, Arovia co-founder/CEO Alexander Wesley stopped by the InsideHook HQ to give us a demo of the latest in foldable tech. 

As a reminder: SPUD was pitched as a 24-inch composite computer screen with 1280×720-pixel resolution that would weigh less than two pounds and collapse to the size of your fist. It connects to any smartphone, tablet, laptop or Roku-style device via USB or HDMI.

It’s basically a projector and a projector screen all in one.

The beta version fit the bill. Although it wasn’t 100% finished — the final version will have a button that pops up and collapses the screen “like an umbrella” — the demo skewed pretty closely to the initial specs. We’d say maybe the size was a bit closer to a hardcover book, and the demo screen had a few (literal) wrinkles.

That said, we also inspected the proprietary screen material the company plans to use for the final version of SPUD, and it did stay smooth after a bit of crumpling and folding.

Overall, SPUD isn’t going to replace your day-to-day monitor, but it will work as a second screen during your road trips — it offers 4x more screen area than an average laptop. Plus, it’s great for playing games, either from your smartphone or for you ambitious types who want to drag along a console. Wesley even recommended the device for streaming workout videos while away in your hotel room.

SPUD is available now for $349 on Kickstarter.