Gear | August 16, 2016 9:00 am

This Cubicle Is Basically One Big 3D Hologram

It'll turn your office into any place on earth

Don’t like your office environment?

Change it to a beach. Or a mountaintop. Or a bar. All at the click of a button.

The GreenPod, a new concept by the Finnish renewable fuel company Neste, is a home/office space built from 100% renewable materials. Best part? It features full projection walls that can instantly alter your workspace to whatever immersive landscape you desire.

Inside the soundproofed pod, users can also select their own natural soundscape and temperature. And the pods can be connected with other pods all over the world, allowing for 3D hologram meetings between units.

Right now the ‘Pod is just one part of Neste’s “Pre-Order the Future” campaign, a series of projects that use renewable raw materials to develop sustainable products and services. The company is considering several other ideas, including an app that connects you with local services that use sustainable resources, a holographic learning tool (see above), customizable noise-cancelling headphones that work off of brainwaves and a travel agency that books tours powered entirely by renewable fuels.

Call ’em Obi Wan — they might just be our only hope.