Gear | April 7, 2021 11:07 am

Deal: Solo Stove Bundles Can Save You Hundreds While Saving Your Summer

Get 30% off if you buy these smokeless fire pits with the necessary accessories

a Solo Stove fire pit in use on a back patio. The Solo Stove bundles are now on sale.
Solo Stoves are ideal smokeless backyard fire pits and grills
Solo Stove

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While we can’t partake in a campfire or use a backyard fire pit due to living in New York City — building owners kind of frown on that here — much of the rest of the country certainly can and should enjoy these experiences as the weather gets better and you actually want to be outside.

Solo Stove is a favorite of ours, because it’s a portable fire pit (and/or grill) that’s also smokeless. Holes drilled around the base of the stove allow air to enter the double-walled firepit, where it’s funneled below the flame to provide fuel for combustion while reducing smoke. And right now, a variety of these Solo Stoves are available at a steep discount, especially if you buy ’em in a bundle.

Solo Stove grill bundle with three accessories, now 32% off
The Solo Stove Grill Ultimate Bundle, now 32% off
Solo Stove

You’ve got the Grill Ultimate Bundle ($525, down from $775) that literally has everything you need — grill, stand, tools, shelter, case, fire starters, charcoal briquettes — to get you from unpacking the setup to a burger on your plate in 30 minutes. Just want fire and portability? The compact Ranger and Stand can be yours for $230 (down from $320). And for your larger (safe, socially distant, etc.) backyard soirees, the Yukon Ultimate Bundle ($1125 $805) offers the largest fire pit, plus a stand, shield, shelter, fire pit tools and roasting sticks.

Cool spring and summer nights ahead? Now you can handle ’em.