Gear | August 16, 2018 9:00 am

No One Bike Should Have All This Cargo Space

It's called a 'mamachari.' That's Japanese for 'mom bike.'

You need a new SUV.

No, no, not a gas-guzzling 4×4 that’ll hog the driveway and burn up your bonus.  But a “super utility vehicle,” from LA-based electric cargo bike company Cero.

While their terminology might be tongue and cheek, CERO really does believe its e-bike, the CERO One, is the two-wheeled answer for urban dwellers and suburbanites looking to get around town without a car. And we’re inclined to agree.

cero 1 (5 images)

For starters: as with other e-bikes, you’ll go farther and sweat less when riding this thing. With a 504Wh battery, the C1 can travel up to 94 miles on a full charge. And its Shimano motor ensures pedal-assistance up to 20 MPH, all great for healthy cruising and conquering hills that’d otherwise turn your legs into human-flavored jelly.

But e-bikes also need purpose. Otherwise they sit in the back of the garage, ferried out for a spin only when inspiration strikes. Not so here. The C1 is a no-doubt, everyday errand bike. That’s thanks to its serious cargo space and customizable mods. You can choose from three different front and rear racks (the largest carries 55 lbs.) for carrying everything from pizza boxes to grocery bags to fitness equipment.

This whole concept is based on the concept of the mamachari, a Japanese word that means “mom’s bike.” Their equivalent of the soccer-mom vehicle, it would appear, is a cargo-rich bike. And it’s a great idea — especially when there’s a motor involved.

Find more information on buying your bike here; expect pricing to start around $2,890. (They’re surfboard and baby friendly, people!)