Food & Drink | September 21, 2016 5:00 am

The Superiority of Steak Aged in Whiskey

The Beatrice Inn in Manhattan is a place to go if you want steak. In particular, it’s a place for steaks aged in whiskey. Owner and executive chef Angie Mar learned the technique in Paris (“It kind of was like the steak that changed my life”). She then gave it an American twist by throwing in some Jack Daniel’s, which is used to soak cloths that are wrapped around the steak. (The cut of beef in the video below was aged 127 days, but Chef Mar says she believes 160 days to be the sweet spot, with the absolute apex being 200.) The result: steak with a whiskey flavor sans the bite of alcohol.

Watch the video below to see a steak that “tastes like magic” and get seriously hungry.