Food & Drink | September 19, 2016 9:00 am

Feds Give Colorado’s First Cannabis-Infused Beer the Green Light

The THC content leaves something to be desired

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau sparked quite a buzz this week by giving the green light for a Colorado brewer’s cannabis-infused beer. Interestingly, it will be sold across the U.S. — not just in the weed-friendly state where it will be made.

No, the higher-ups at the TTB didn’t turn into a bunch of hippies overnight, there’s a catch: Although General Washington’s Secret Stash IPA contains cannabinoids, it will be entirely THC-free.  

The 6.5% alcohol beer — which Dudes Brews says honors our “most famous cannabis-growing rebel leader” — contains a non-psychoactive stalk and stem extract that’s classified as “industrial hemp.” The approval process took about a year, according to Westword.

So, if it doesn’t get you high, is there a reason you’d even want to seek out some Secret Stash?

We turned to a homebrewer who’s been known to craft some THC-infused suds in the past for some perspective on the matter.

“As a brewer that loves marijuana this is definitely a fantastic idea,” he tells us. “However, with a brewery opening in every corner these days, it’s going to take more than a hoppy beer with a clever name, to turn some heads. I like the flavor of marijuana, but without the high, don’t expect me to cough up anything north of $7 for a pint.”

But if you’re interested in checking it out, Secret Stash is currently funding on Kickstarter.