Food & Drink | October 16, 2017 9:00 am

Guess What the Cooler Cannon Does

Hey cooler, throw me a beer!'

“Beer me.”

Done. And you don’t even a friend, obedient child or well-traiend dog to achieve it.

The recently revived Cooler Cannon just might be the fastest way to get a cold brew in your hand without getting off the couch. You request the beer with an iPhone app, and the cooler tosses you a can “like a rock star” via a pass-through lid. The cooler has a range of eight feet and reloads in two seconds.

The Cannon was actually a failed 2013 Kickstarter that’s just now getting a second chance (the app is the newest feature, in lieu of a remote control). So, yes, there is a chance we could have another crowdfunded cooler fiasco on our hands.

The date for said crowdfunding campaign has not yet been set, but The Cooler Cannon peeps suggest following their reactivated Facebook page to get updates.

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