Food & Drink | March 14, 2019 9:00 am

A Scottish Brewer Just Held a Beer Tasting 35,000 Feet in the Air

Who wants a Transatlantic IPA?

Airplane drinks aren’t typically poured for beer geeks and wine snobs. The situation dictates this: you just need something to ease the nerves, help you fall asleep or toast a great trip. That it’s a little stale or flat doesn’t really matter, especially because at high altitude, the senses are dulled. It’s tougher to taste (or smell) the difference.

Enter: BrewDog, the cheeky Scottish brewery with a penchant for funky beers and brilliant marketing campaigns. BrewDog recently moonlighted as an airline, ferrying 200 devoted fans from London to Columbus, Ohio, the site of their mothership American brewhouse and hotel, The Doghouse. 

On the way over the pond, BrewDog set a new record for the largest at-alitude beer testing, with a beer designed to be consumed at over 35,000 feet called Flight Club. 

Flight Club has the distinction of being the world’s first “Transatlantic IPA”; it’s a drinkable 4.5% with citrusy flavors … which one drinker on Untappd pointed out are legitimately “duller on ground.” The voyage, though, looked anything but dull, with BrewDog founders making cracks about the pilots really loving the drink up in the cockpit, and the brewery faithful enjoying a range of food pairings. 

For those curious — there has been a in-flight beer tasting before. Sam Adams hosted one back in 2017. For our money, though, BrewDog’s was a bit more inventive. Watch it for yourself in the video above. 

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Image via BrewDog