Food & Drink | October 10, 2016 9:00 am

Anthony Bourdain Wants to Teach You How to Cook at Home

"Parts Unknown" host set to release first cookbook in a decade

After spending the past 40 years in restaurant kitchens both at home and abroad, Anthony Bourdain has morphed into, in his words, “a psychotic, anally retentive, bad-tempered Ina Garten.”

Given that description, which Bourdain came up with for his new book, placing a call to long-time Hunter S. Thompson collaborator Ralph Steadman to have him come in and draw the cover seems like a natural choice.

Messy, aggressive and strangely mesmeric, Steadman’s design for Bourdain’s first cookbook in more than 10 years, Appetites, only adds to the advice and insights the celebrity chef dishes out in the 304-page tome. Set to release later this month, Appetites was co-authored with Laurie Woolever and is full of recipes that — in Bourdain’s opinion — anyone should be able to cook in their home kitchen.

“The result is a home cooking, home entertaining cookbook like no other,” according to a release about the book. “Personal favorites from home and from his travels, translated into an effective battle plan that will help you terrify your guests with your breathtaking efficiency.”

To support the release, Bourdain is out on a book tour that could be coming to a city near you.