Culture | May 11, 2012 9:00 am

All’s Fair

The future used to hold such promise: jetpacks, robot butlers, and other developments more exciting than Facebook status updates about “omg! supercute!” cats.

Celebrate the future we were promised, and do it with craft cocktails and fresh lobster, at Absurdity at the McKittrick Hotel, a 1939-World’s-Fair-themed bacchanal, just now offering tickets.

An interactive, Dada-esque launch party for covert-dining site Underground Eats, Absurdity is set on the eve of the 1939 World’s Fair in New York City, a time when millions quivered in anticipation for “the world of the future”.

The culinary adventure unfolds as a moveable feast throughout the labyrinthine rooms of the McKittrick: roving drink carts serve period cocktails, Anglo-Catholic priests swing thuribles fragrant with myrrh, and swarthy chefs toss lobster claws into piles for patrons to dine on. Also included: passed plates of charcuterie and suckling pig prepped by the chef behind Landmarc and Ditch Plains.

Tickets just went on sale today, but InsideHook readers have exclusive access to the VIP package, which includes entrance to special hotel quarters serving “upgraded spirits,” Uber car service to and from the event, and “surprise” activities like private flashlight tours of the hotel’s secret nooks and crannies.

Supercute cats not included.