Culture | September 26, 2016 9:00 am

Netflix for Camping Gear Has Arrived

Camp Kit: Because tents, backpacks and stoves are expensive

The wilderness is free. (For the most part.) 

The supplies you need to stay there a couple days, however? 

They add up. And you need a ton of stuff. (Where’d you put that dropcloth, anyway?) 

Which is why you might very well need to make friends with The Camp Kit, a new Netflix-for-camping-style service guaranteed to make your next backcountry getaway as easy as possible. 

Now, trust, we’ve been there. 

In high school, your correspondent worked at Eastern Mountain Sports, the Mid-Atlantic’s solution for camping, climbing and hiking gear. (And kayaks, though nobody ever bought a kayak.) 

We got a discount. We spent it at the store. If anyone should have been ready to camp, it was us. But something was always missing. Or 20 years past its prime (read: the stove). Which is why The Camp Kit is so genius. 

Put in your order, and you’ll get a kit provisioned for one, two or more people, for one, two or more days.  They’ll even deliver — for $25. 

Get your kit. Throw it in the car. Drive to the woods. Leave the car. Go. Be happy. It’s that easy. 

Also available: kits specially tailored for car camping and bear-adjacent camping. Coming up soon: a thru-hiker’s kit.

You’re going to the woods to relax. Why not apply that principle to the preparation as well?