Culture | November 21, 2014 9:00 am

This Is a Hangover Cure, and It Is Awesome

Feeling poorly? See the IV Doc.

By The Editors

During the holidays, there’s a tendency to have a cup too much.

To get fuddled. Blotto. Full of pig iron and caraway seed.

Makes the day after a right bitch, don’t it?

Unless you schedule a visit from the IV Doc, a registered MD who pumps you full of feel-good serum, just launched here in SF.

The IV Doc is, quite simply, the best hangover cure you’ll ever have.

Originally founded in NYC by a doc who helped his banker friends stay on top of their game, the IV Doc injects you with 1,000 ml’s of electrolytes and saline.

He comes straight to your bedside, couch, office or gutter.

Your correspondent tested it himself.

Injected into our veins: 1,000 ml’s of Refresh with an added dose of Toradol.

Long story short: damn, it felt great.

Check out the IV Doc’s full menu of options, including flu shots.

Feel good. Be well.