Culture | June 12, 2015 9:00 am

5 Things Every Running Man Needs

Clothes. Recovery. And a drink.

By The Editors

Take a look at your current workout gear. Showing more love than Walter’s whites? Yep. Time to re-up. Here are five new, form-flattering items and post-workout accessories worthy of your hard-earned pennies.


Birddogs Shorts have a silky-soft inner lining that keeps the nethers snug but exceedingly comfy. One standard inseam that lands a comfy two inches above the knee and three colorways, all good for a post-run brunch. And there’s a zipper pouch with a cord hole that discreetly links your device to your earbuds.


Outdoor Voices makes synthetic shirts that keep out the odor while letting in the breeze. Four colors in a quick-dry fabric that not only makes for a comfy run, but’ll also get you through the juice bar without causing sweat-mark offense.


The Addaday Type A+ Ultra Roller has rotating gears for soothing thigh and calf muscles and even reaches your lower back. The SKLZ AccuStrap has a lacrosse ball at the base that’s ideal for massaging your feet (stand on it, roll around — works wonders) and a loop for deep stretches.  

The Bottle

Eating post-workout repairs muscle tissue, restores glycogen and tricks your body into burning more calories. Best results: protein shake of your liking in the HIIT Bottle, a new device that keeps shakes smooth thanks to an interior “shaker ball,” and cold via air-tight thermal dynamics and a lid inspired by the radiator cap on a T-Model Ford.

Keep it tight.

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