Chicago | June 16, 2014 9:00 am

The Right Track

By The Editors

There’s a part at the end of Trains, Planes and Automobiles where John Candy and Steve Martin are standing on the LaSalle and Van Buren L platform.

Candy tells Martin, “Next time, let’s go first class, alright?”

Wise words, these.

So in the spirit of Del and Neal, we present Pullman Rail Journeys, the Chicago-based train company that’s bringing back the golden age of rail travel, now taking reservations for their soon-to-be-launched service to New York City.

Basically you’re looking at climbing aboard some of the world’s first premium sleeping cars, painstakingly restored to every original art deco detail.

Elegant 90-foot-long domed dining cars. Sleeping quarters with lavish bathrooms. Scenic bar cars replete with white-jacketed livery at attendance.

In short: we’re talkin’ how a man of stature used to travel.

Pullman is offering three different preview packages of their New York line (Fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas), which will be followed by full service shortly thereafter.

If only Del and Neal had this luxury.