Chicago | July 3, 2014 9:00 am

Sally Fourth

By The Editors

Manning the grill on the Fourth of July is the closest most men get to manning actual battlestations. Don’t go to war without the material below.

The Porchetta Sammy

From skirt steak to sausage, to grill-worthy kebabs and burgers, to — sweet taste buds in heaven! — pork wrapped in more delicious pork, Chop Shop has you covered. Go there. Get grill meats. And for afternoon sammy snacks, use house butcher Mike Trotta’s tasty porchetta recipe and slice that piggy up into a sammy. Print the recipe.

Spicy Brussels Sprouts

Michael LaPidus runs the award-winning Q-BBQ, which now has three locations, including the new joint in Lakeview. Dude not only knows BBQ, he knows sides, and has been kind enough to share his Brussels sprouts recipe with us. Bona fide spicy. Crazy addicting. Print the recipe.

Booty Collins Cocktail

The Tom Collins is a perfect summertime backyard drink. The Tippling Bros. flip the cocktail on its head. You have to infuse vodka with green tea, but trust us: it’s worth it. Print the recipe.