Chicago | January 21, 2015 9:00 am

Go Here If You Like Skiing and Beer

By The Editors

Winter, God bless it, means skiing.

Also means boarding. Also means layering up in, like, military-grade poly jackets, pointing your tips down some panoramic piste and hoping you survive the schuss so, afterward, you can après with an attractive betty in pink snowpants.

In the moment, entirely uncomplicated. In the planning, less so.

Hence, this guide: The #1 Ski Destination Every Chicago Man Should Visit This Year.


  • Our recommendation for the best nearby slopes and resort

  • Where to stay

  • What to eat

  • Where to après

Plus, our recs for the best gear.

We’ve got your coat. Your pants. Your goggles. Your helmet.

But we’re not recommending boards, or skis, or boots.

These are decisions with much nuance, and best left to ski shop bro-fessionals sporting intense goggle tans.

Oh, we’ve also compiled our favorite recent ski flicks, and an appendix of modern mountain lingo, too.

Because if you have to ask what a gaper is, well, you’ve just outed yourself as a gaper.

Enjoy the guide.