Arts & Entertainment | September 15, 2016 9:00 am

The Photog Who Discovered Emily Ratajkowksi Is Launching a Nude Calendar

Here's a sneak peek

Next year’s gonna look great.

Because Steve Shaw, founder of world’s sexiest magazine Treats!, is about to ensure your 2017 New Year’s Resolutions are the most inspired yet — thank to a little something he’s calling the Nu Muses Calendar.

Out of thousands of alluring aspirants, 100 stunners have been chosen to contend for 12 calendar spots that will celebrate the beauty of the naked female form. How will he decide who makes the cut? With your help, of course. From now until Sept. 17, readers can visit the Nu Muses site to vote for their favorites.

To help you fulfill your obligations to both manhood and aesthetics, we’ve selected nine fresh faces — one for each of the Greek Muses — whose natural exposure deserves career exposure (and the $10k bonus). As for the remaining three spots? We’ll leave that to the three goddesses of fate.

Ashley Graves
“Nudity has to be done right. I think the human body, especially the female body, is so beautiful. Tasteful nudity is stunning … Posing nude makes me feel more confident and comfortable with myself.”

Raina Lawson
“My passion is mostly writing, I would love to be a writer for a TV show someday. I pretty much write everyday. It’s my favorite thing to do.”

Sanny Ry
“I always thought that the Pirelli Calendar is really connected with top girls and top models and now I feel that being an NU muse can really bring a girl to a whole new level.”

Jocelyn Nickel
“I want to be a Nu Muse because I think it shows a woman’s body in a positive light and that all shapes and sizes are beautiful.”

Alejandara Guilmant
“What inspires me is to empower myself as a human being and empower women.”

Katherine Henderson
“For me, [nudity] it’s the art of expressing yourself without anything else that defines you, it’s having the freedom to express your sensuality, your sensibility, your confidence, your soul.”

Elsie Hewitt
“Celebrating nudity is about being in touch with the way you feel in your most vulnerable and private moments that bring you empowerment when shared with whoever you choose to share it with.”

Amanda Paige
“Pin up girls on the beaches of Hawaii wearing nothing but an ukulele over their top is and was a classic icon. I grew up passing these calendars gracing the 56 ABC stores all over the Hawaiian islands…It is my duty to bring this classic icon and put a new twist on it in the NU Muse calendar.”

Jessica Motes
“I love the features that make me different, such as my freckles. I tend to come across a few girls who are insecure about their freckles and when they see my images they realize freckles are sexy & beautiful and it is what makes them unique.”