Arts & Entertainment | February 21, 2019 9:00 am

5 Great NYC Photographers Whose Work You Can Buy Online

These aren't your run-of-the-mill Brooklyn Bridge shots

Your art is the first thing most people inquire about upon entering your home.

Why not steer the conversation toward your hometown, by choosing a piece with local ties?

Like: the work of five ace photographers who have made New York City their muse, all of whom sell prints online. That’s not an endorsement for a black-and-white of the Brooklyn Bridge or anything Lady Liberty-adjacent, but rather for more subtle representations of your city.

You know: art.

Bill Witt
One of the great documentarians of Depression-era NYC, New Jersey native Witt captured the beauty and essence of an otherwise dark and troublesome time. Best known for his collection featured here as a member of the Photo League, Witt would return to photography in the ‘70s after studying painting with Hans Hoffman. His works can be seen in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Hallmark Collection, the Smithsonian Institute and many university museum collections. Inquire with Be-hold for pricing’

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Jeremy Cohen
A style all its own that has attracted the attention of greats such as Beats by Dre, BMW, The New York Knicks, Jameson and Everlane, Cohen’s portrait-based work is bright, intense and playful. While his dance card is chock-full of celebrity snaps these days, the down-to-Earth ethos of his original NYC street snaps still reigns supreme. Contact Jeremy Cohen here to inquire about purchase

Vincent Laforet
A groundbreaking commercial photographer, Laforet took NYC (and the world) by storm with his Project Air series, which later resulted in the photo tome AIR. He has been honored with a Pulitzer Prize for his coverage in The New York Times of post-9/11 events and won three awards at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in 2010. More than 40 million online have shared his high-altitude, aerial shots of cities around the world. Inquire with the Fahey/Klein Gallery for pricing

Brian Alcazar
Brian Alcazar, better known to the world by his Instagram moniker @1st, is adept at capturing the hustle, the diversity and the randomness of these pretty, gritty NYC streets. A Queens native whose work has landed him high-falutin gigs near and far, he still manages to find inspiration in the curious corners of the city, extracting moments from our surroundings that for most would go unnoticed. The Grind, $3,500

Jake Lambroza
Soulful and intriguing, Lamboza’s noir take on NYC lingers with a viewer long after they’ve looked away. Through technical composition and a penchant for connection, his works tend to turn everyday moments into an enduring ones. Inquire with the Soho Photo Gallery for pricing

Main image via Vince LaForet