Arts & Entertainment | December 5, 2016 9:00 am

21 ‘Grams: November

The month that was in New York, in 21 pictures

Man, what a month. 

We won some. We lost, well, more. 

To reflect, we present 21 ‘Grams, our monthly review of all things NYC, as captured by our favorite social media-savvy shutterbugs.

Insluded: flying high above the city sans helicopter doors, partying with some of the finest ladies in the game and eating all the truffles in sight. 

Come hither and take a closer look.

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Because these people are tattooing every word of the Declaration of Human Rights on people letter-by-letter, and they just made a stop in NYC.

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Because this speaker store in SoHo will blow your mind, ears and bank account. 

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Because Autodromo understands the importance of being on time, and handsomely.

Because the only thing more swaggy than being on Park Avenue is being in one. 

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Because N.Y. just got a brand new chill zone. 

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Because if you need a gift for a little one, VK Nagrani has some darlin’ teddy bears for a good cause. 

Because this is one battle we definitely wanted to see get very bloody.

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Because you’re not going to find a better time than this. 

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Because Ippudo’s fall/winter menu is the cure for what ails you. 

… Unless truffles are your thing. Because then you need Scarpetta. And truffles should be everyone’s thing. 

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Because Arlo Skye is so fresh it has us using up all our vacation days. 

Because the great Leonard Cohen once said, “The older I get, the surer I am that I’m not running the show.”

And because the great Sharon Jones said, “I’m coming back to give the people what they want.”

Because the Stinger NYC really knows how to sweeten the deal. 

Because this view can be yours. 

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Because just in case you wanted to know where the ladies are at. And let’s be honest: you did, do and will for a while yet.

Because we’re a sucker for a pop of color. 

Because N.Y. will always be a place that values freedom of expression. 

Because Satchel & Page is adding some OMG to EDC. 

Because this is a formal announcement. 

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And tomorrow is a new day.