Advice | September 13, 2018 9:00 am

Sleep Club Is Your One-Stop Shop for Better Slumber

A dedicated site for sawing logs, with help from Jeff Bridges

Need a good night’s sleep? Join the club.

By which we mean Sleep Club, a just-launched compendium of zzz-related resources and products.

Basically, this is your one-stop site for nights when your brain just won’t turn off. Helping you on your restful journey? The crown prince of kicking feet up, Jeff Bridges.

The site was started somewhat unexpectedly by branding vet Brooks Branch. “We’ve launched a lot of lifestyle brands, and we kept running into new ideas about sleep over and over,” he says. “We were intrigued how people were talking about it. It’s a shift in culture: instead of people bragging about ‘I got two hours last night,’ they’re bragging about getting a good night’s rest.”

Currently, Sleep Club offers two “sides” to their site: a Sleep vertical and an Awake vertical.

Sleep Club

The Awake side is a little more esoteric. Here, Sr. Bridges offers original content, including personal musings from The Dude himself (in the from of a blog call “Life Is But a Dream,” launching soon), artwork and tracks from the previously released Sleeping Tapes, a spoken word/ambient album that was part of a Super Bowl campaign a few years back (“The world is filled with too many restless people in need of rest — that’s why I filled my sleeping tapes with intriguing sounds, noises and other things to help you get a good night’s rest,” is how he explained the album).

But you’re here to rest, not just abide.

Sleep Club

The Sleep side culls experts in sleep research, but also health, parenting, travel, business and relationships, who all share their rest-forward knowledge (see: sleep doula Jennifer Salazer’s “Sleep is a Family Affair” and Dr. Juan Espinoza’s preference of activity trackers over pharmaceutical aides for children’s good health).


It’s also where you find sleep-related products, from Sleep Stripzzz (a line of all-natural, dissolvable oral strips that promote balanced sleep patterns) to CopperFresh (a two-inch gel memory foam mattress topper that eliminates odors and conducts heat away from the body). There’s also a women’s line of travel wraps, cardigans and weekend joggers (hey, if she rests comfortably, you rest comfortably).

While the offerings are currently a bit threadbare, Branch says more content and sleep-related products are on the way.

Until then? Rest up.