Advice | May 19, 2017 9:00 am

Five Things You Can Do Now to Keep Your Mug Handsome All Summer

Think of it as a beach workout for your face

You and your mug are going to be together a long time.

Best not to make it an afterthought.

With summer coming up, now is the time to prepare. Because once the fun in the sun begins, you can’t go fussing with the face too much. Come July, it’s all about protection.

So if you want to get a jumpstart on looking less like your age and more like your shoe size, act accordingly. We hit up a few experts for treatments that’ll deliver just that. Think of it as an insurance policy for your face.

What it is: Collagen induction therapy using fine sterile needles to induce new collagen growth.
What that means: You’re poking at your face to trick it into producing more keeping-you-young-looking natural agents. “It’s true that collagen and elastin don’t degrade as rapidly in men due to the higher level of androgen hormones,” says RealSelf Contributor Dr. Sejal Shah. “However, men are generally less sun-savvy and often don’t use sunscreens or skin-repairing ingredients, and treatments can be used to reverse the signs of aging and sun damage.”

Botox and Fillers
What it is:
 Injecting either neurotoxin or hyaluronic acid filler into your skin to achieve facial contouring and subtle-to-dramatic anti-aging effects.
What that means: No more wrinkles. Botox usually last 4-5 months; fillers depend on what area you treat, but expect it to last anywhere from six months to a year. “Whenever men get Botox, they tell me that everyone comments how refreshed they look,” says author and RN Shelly Marshall of Every Woman Wellness. “They know you look revived, but they don’t know why. It’s our little secret.”

Laser Genesis
What it is:
 Nothing Sega-related, unfortunately. It’s a 1064 nm laser that uses heat to damage the dermal layer of your skin, thereby inducing new collagen growth.
What that means: They’re going to shoot frickin’ lasers at your face. “But compared to microneedling, it is way less invasive and can be done with no discomfort or downtime,” says Marshall.

What it is: LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes and was originally used by NASA. Your TV and phone screens probably contain them.
What that means: They’re going to be shooting lights at your frickin’ face. “Originally, LED was supposed to be used to help grow food while astronauts were up in space, but they also inadvertently noticed that they were coming back looking much younger,” says Marshall. “It was because their skin had been exposed to LED for extended periods of time.” The unit has many light wavelengths that travel into the skin to perform various actions; red has the longest wavelengths and can heal inflammation/acne and induce collagen rejuvenation, while blue releases oxygen into pores to help kill acne bacteria. The treatment has no downtime, but almost unlimited benefits.

What it is:
Like your daily skincare routine on steroids, with medical-grade products you can’t get over the counter.
What that means: Doing what you’re supposed to do every day, but better. Aesthetician Zofia Dragan with Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa says, “Men often have more oily skin than women, and I find that they should have regular facials to balance it out. In our office, my top pick is the Gentlemen’s Deep Cleanse Facial. I also recommend Biologique Recherche’s Lotion P50 post-treatment for continued use at home. This product is great for balancing the skin’s pH levels, and it helps with any acne issues and also minimizes razor burn and ingrown hairs. It really is a miracle product.”