Advice | November 29, 2016 9:00 am

You Can Now Wipe Your Entire Online History Clean in a Couple Clicks

Ever seen that movie ‘Eternal Sunshine’?

As internet commenters from ballplayer-turned-commentator Curt Schilling to Rutgers professor Kevin Allred have learned, what you say online can and will bite you in the ass.

Hopefully you haven’t posted any offensive memes or threatened any president-elects lately. But if you have, fret not: there’s a way to scrub your history cleaner than a whistle.

For the low, low price of nothing, a Sweden-based website called will allow you to erase every single one of your old or outdated online accounts with a few clicks of your mouse.

After logging in on the site,’s platform — which won’t store your login —  will collect all of the accounts that are linked with your Google account and then provide links so that you can “clean up your existence” by easily erasing any potentially troublesome online activity.

While the service can’t help with accounts that were created without the use of Google or photos/videos that friends have posted of you on social media, it’s surely better than nothing.

Remember, like elephants and rock and roll, the internet never forgets.