Action | January 12, 2018 9:00 am

686 Just Made a Jacket With a Built-In Hydration System

For WATER. Ok, fine: Or beer.

The less you need to lug around the slopes, the better.

That’s the idea behind the mysterious new GLCR Hydrastash Reservoir Jacket, an innovative layer about to be unleashed from outdoor apparel company 686. The ‘stash can transport the equivalent of a full bottle of water in its interior, thanks to a 25-oz. bladder zipped inside the jacket’s powder skirt. A 4mm hose flows forth from there, eventually protruding near the jacket’s zipper: from there, you’ll sip from a bite valve contained in another small zipper near the jacket’s neck.

What this mean for you: No more lugging around a CamelBak or separate water bottle. Fewer breaks. 

And, hey, there’s no saying you gotta put water in that hydration system, right?

The Hydrastash will be available in early September.