Upload Your Entire CD Collection to Spotify. Win Nostalgia.

The year 2000 called. They want their CD tower back.

April 28, 2016 9:00 am

Last week, we lost a really famous and talented musician.

Naturally, everyone flocked to Spotify to pay aural tribute to said musician.

But Prince isn’t on Spotify. And he’s not alone: Thom Yorke, Tool, Pete Townshend and Neil Young are all defectors of the streaming service as well.

Easiest fix: break out your CD collection and upload them yourself. There are a couple of ways to do that.

This first is to download CD Scanner for Spotify, which lets you add your dust-gathering collection to a Spotify playlist by simply scanning the barcode on the back of each disc’s case. Once scanned, the album will be integrated into your library without you ever having to look for or match anything manually.

Elephant-in-room-sized problem: that means it only works for albums that are already in Spotify’s database. So no Prince.

Which brings us to option no. 2.

As told by Gizmodo, there’s another, more manual way to upload your old B-sides, live bootlegs and recordings to the cloud if you’re willing to put in a little sweat equity. After ripping the discs to your computer’s hard drive, go to the Spotify Preferences page and choose the folders you want the streaming player to add your library.

Rock on.

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