How To Slurp Ramen Like a Man

A guide. With pictures.

By The Editors
March 19, 2015 9:00 am

Because life doesn’t come with an instruction manual — and if it did, men wouldn’t read it anyway — we present Gimme Three Steps, an occasional series of how-to illustrations that has nothing to do with Lynyrd Skynyrd and everything to do with helping you manage challenging situations with aplomb.

Ramen, you may have noticed, is having a moment.

There’s the new Furious Spoon. There’s Wasabi and their soon-to-be-opened Fulton Market joint Ramen Takeya. There’s High Five Ramen.

And in the burbs there’s Ramen Shinchan. SantoukaMisoya.

The list goes on.

You, sir, should form an opinion on which is your favorite.

But lest you embarrass yourself with improper eating technique, allow us to help: How To Slurp Ramen Like a Man, a guide to the sacred art of inhaling noodles like a ramen master.


Before you click off, a few notes:

Slurping, as you know, is normal in Japan. Never obnoxious.

In fact, it’s a sign of respect.

It’s also totally okay to wear a napkin around your neck like a bib, especially if you’re just popping in for lunch.

Slurping, by nature, is messy.

Eat it hot. Do your own thing. Don’t stare at others.

Now get out there and slurp like you mean it.

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