Maid To Order

By The Editors
August 26, 2013 9:00 am

A man needs a maid.

Not, it turns out, to consummate any fantasies about shtupping the cleaning lady in the French lace.

No, it’s simply that we are, irrevocably and to a feckless fellow, incapable of cleaning up after ourselves.

And so: Handybook, an on-demand cleaning concern that’ll also perform some light handiwork, now Windexing in Los Angeles.

Founded by two Harvard MBAs, Handybook lets you order handy people via their app. All taxes and fees are handled therein.


They bring their own supplies. If you’ve got something that requires special hardware (say, mounting a flatscreen) and you don’t have the necessary tools, they get said tools and you reimburse.

No more asking for recs on Facebook. No more Yelping.

Quality-wise, Handybook perform rigorous background checks on all their people.

Only three percent pass – which either says something about Handybook’s high standards, or the quality of those maids you’ve been finding on Yelp.

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