Wanna Test Drive Some Gadgets?

Grover: The electronics rental service you’ve been waiting for

August 9, 2016 9:00 am

Smartphones last for, what, about two weeks before they’re dated?

And that VR set that you’ve been coveting: You really gonna use it?

The obsolescence cycle is a vicious one — it’s difficult to stay educated when the syllabus changes every month.

But one new company has your back.

Cheaper than buying, Grover lets you rent electronics for a fraction of the price before committing.

The concept isn’t new, so to speak. The contract most of us have with our phone company is essentially a rental agreement. But Grover goes beyond the smartphone to offer laptops, tablets, VR sets, wearables, cameras, video game consoles, speakers and more on a monthly payment system that equates to roughly 5% of retail price. And if they don’t have what you’re searching for, they’re even open to taking requests.

Since their launch last year in Germany, Grover has seen 80% of their customers remain on the monthly payment plan. Currently, they are only shipping to New York, but they have plans to expand throughout the States.

Like what you’ve got so much you want to keep it? Users earn credits that can be put toward purchase by renting.

So, no more wondering if the Apple Watch is for you. No more mulling over whether you really want a FitBit telling you to get your butt in shape.

Just take ‘em for test drive. No strings attached.

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