This Google Maps Hack Lets You Take a Walk, Well, Anywhere

Imagine a flipbook — of every single place on earth

November 10, 2016 9:00 am

The best way to achieve something is to visualize it, right?

So let’s start with your commute.

The handy Google Maps Streetview Viewer by Denver designer Brian Folts visualizes your daily routes via Google Streetview maps.

You put in a starting and destination point, and the site (or Android app) provides a “playthrough” of the Google Streetview maps, putting your journey into visual motion. In the advanced settings, you can choose frames-per-second and mode of travel (driving, biking, public transit, etc.). And according to Gizmodo’s Field Guide, you can also export your movie as a GIF.

The interface is admittedly wonky, and we had trouble getting it to work in our initial attempts … but toying with it did eventually lead us to Routeview, which yielded a similar experience.

Even digital commutes are complicated.

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