‘Giving Large

By The Editors
November 5, 2012 9:00 am

It’s never too early to start being thankful for the little things. Like electricity. So to kick your Thanksgiving prep off right, we’ve commissioned food and drink recipes from the city’s top chefs (and our editor’s dad) so this Turkey Day, the thanks will flow your way.

Brooklyn Bird Brine

thanksgiving turkey

The secret to a good Thanksgiving bird is all in the brine. And nobody teaches brining like The Brooklyn Kitchen, which offers cooking classes taught by local chefs. Here’s their prescription for an apple cider and spice “quick brine” that’ll keep the meat moist and the skin a crispy gold. Eat your heart out, Norman Rockwell. (View the recipe)

Big Dave’s Boozy Cranberries

thanksgiving cranberries

Our New York editor’s dear old dad cooks one thing (and one thing only) every Thanksgiving: this tried-and-true cranberry sauce with bits of orange for a citrusy tang and, more importantly, a dose of Gran Marnier for a boozy kick. Just be careful driving home. (View the recipe)

The Great Pumpkin Cocktail

thanksgiving drink

The Meatpacking District’s Vinatta Project is known for bespoke cocktails; tell ‘em your favorite poison (or even color or flavor) and they’ll build you a drink to match. For the holidays, resident mixology guru Scott Fitzgerald offers his recipe for “The Great Pumpkin,” a warm, creamy, rum-tinged brew that’ll keep the chill off — and take the place of dessert as well. (View the recipe)


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