8 Tips on Buying Lingerie From France’s Resident ‘Guardian of All Style’

When Garance Doré talks frilly things, you listen

May 23, 2018 9:00 am

The American dream used to mean working hard to overcome trials in order to rise through the socioeconomic ranks. While an updated definition  would definitely include that, it would also have to account for the rise of social media, and the way we assign value and validation to people who excel at it.

Which is exactly what French blogger/illustrator Garance Doré is: an arbiter of all things cool, with the massive online backing to prove it. But she’s more than just an influencer — her writing and street photography over the years have earned her the title “guardian of all style” from the New York Times.

Recently, the French It Girl shared a few thoughts on unmentionables with Lingerie Francaise, a company that represents 14 of France’s finest lingerie brands. Below, you’ll find those thoughts distilled into eight unassailable lessons on buying lingerie, why the French make it best and the act of negligee negligence most women unwittingly commit.

Garance Dore Lingerie (2 images)

Is it kosher to wear the same garment for different partners/relationships?
As long as it still looks pristine, it can be kept in the rotation — but as soon as something’s past its prime, time to throw it out. Doré: “[I’m] trying to stay away from the ratty lingerie look.”

Is there any style of lingerie that’s off limits?
In a word, no. Doré herself says “I like to try everything,” but with a caveat: “Comfort and looks are non-negotiable.”

Speaking of looks, what’s the most common lingerie mistake shoppers make?
When it comes to bras, she warns, “an ill-cut bra can add a few pounds to your silhouette!” So if you’re shopping for a partner, be advised.

If you are shopping with a partner, however, share with her this smart tip: “You always have to try it with a white T-shirt on to see all the flaws, and how it makes you look.” (And if she asks how you know this, be honest.)

Something unexpected that every woman should own:
A full-body piece.

Should you buy for yourself or your partner?
Turns out, both: “I always buy my lingerie thinking of me and of my boyfriend, even though I have never been with a man who really cared about lingerie, they want to take it off!”

Solid or patterned?
Solid, and preferably black or navy.

Why do the French do lingerie so well?
This is a two-parter. The first is the experience: “Usually the stores are pretty welcoming, there is a whole atmosphere that works …  brands offer a lot of beautiful options at different price levels.” Second, they’ve had a longer time to work out the kinks (pun intended): “It’s like everything is considered — the look, the fit, how you feel, how it makes you look when you’re naked, how it looks under the clothes … When I go back to France, I jump on lingerie!”

If you really want to wow your better half, better charter that flight to Paris sooner than later. Until then, further reading here.

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