Throne Appétit

By The Editors
March 25, 2013 9:00 am

Drinking plays a large role on Game of Thrones. Not as large as violent swordplay or bare, pendulous breasts, but close.

So in honor of the March 31st premiere, we gave three of the city’s most talented chefs a few bottles of Iron Throne Blonde Ale — Brewery Ommegang’s hoppy, citrusy, Lannister-inspired brew.

Then we asked them to craft GOT-inspired recipes that pair well with the beer.

And so behold, your viewing party essentials:

Hound’s Tooth Sandwich
Created by Danny Ye, Harlow

“When the scarfaced warrior looks to quench his belly’s hunger,” Ye says about GOT’s burn-scarred badass, The Hound, “he turns to a man-wich.” This ribeye with white kimchi and egg grinder is just the ticket, though he cautions: “You may need a cigarette after.”

Crispy Artichokes with Parsley and Pancetta
Created by Brendan McHale, Tasting Table Test Kitchen

McHale was inspired by would-be king Stannis Baratheon’s new sigil, a stag inside a flaming heart. “Frying the artichoke, you’ve got your flaming heart, with the pancetta standing in for the stag. Super herb-acious and funky, a great match for the fresh blonde ale.”

Beer-Braised Pork Belly with Kimchi and Tempura Cilantro
Created by Adam Slamon, Rogue & Canon

Down at his new Village resto, Slamon got literal – utilizing “radishes, pork, eggs – the kind of stuff they eat on the show. Plus the beer, of course.” Slamon’s pork belly is slow-cooked in the Iron Throne Blonde itself, yielding succulent piggy bites balanced by the spicy kimchi. Sip as you cook.

Ommegang’s Iron Throne Blonde Ale is available today at specialty beer shops and Whole Foods locations across the city. Happy imbibing.


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