Man Jewelry: A Beginner’s Guide to Embracing Your Inner Keith Richards

Rule No. 1: Never go full Liberace

By The Editors
April 27, 2016 9:00 am

In David Bowie and Prince, we’ve lost not only two of the great musical pioneers of the last half-century, but also two of the great pioneers of man jewelry.

Now, this is not an invitation go out and pick up a gold hoop earring or waist-length rosary piece.

But considering the taboos each helped overturn to make it acceptable for you and I to rock a pinky ring, silver cuff or pendant accent sans judgment, we’d be doing them a disservice not to collectively step up our accessorizing game.

Hence, we’ve culled together seven masculine, eye-catching jewelry makers to help you get your feet wet.

George Frost
Contemporary in design. Traditional in influence with motifs that range from cease-fire relics to morse code to nautical signals.

1. ‘The World Is Yours’ Revolving Necklace
2. Poison Ring
3. Wrapped Wax Seal Bracelet

David Yurman
If you know what’s good for you, you’ve probably bought something by Yurman for your better half. But his consistently classic forms cross over to the realm of men’s regalia as well. His newest collection is crafted from fallen meteorite and forged carbon.

1. Meteorite Knife-Edge Band Ring
2. Forged Carbon Bracelet
3. Meteorite Tag Necklace

Digby & Iona
A second gen craftsman culling from his father’s work with a focus on rugged, antique pieces inspired by the unearthed treasures he discovered as an adventurous young lad.

1. Domino Necklace
2. 2×4 Ring
3. Don’t Give Up the Ship Ring

A more artful line influenced by “classical antiquity from the Roman era to Victorian times style.” Sport a little history on your wrist.  

1. Odd Fellows Bracelet
2. Razor and Sheath Necklace
3. Hiapo Hook and Bead Bracelet

18 Waits
Pendant necklaces for grown-ups — no puka shells or shark teeth around here. Work for the everyday and last a lifetime.

1. Claw Necklace
2. Inverted Diamon Necklace
3. Leather and Brass Bracelets

Minimal and accessible. A great entry point for the novice man-jewelry man. Top-notch materials and meticulous attention go into every piece. Pick up a couple bracelets (one rope, one metal) and layer accordingly.

1. Screw Cuff
2. Sterling Silver Ipsum Ring
3. Anchor on Rope Bracelet

Silver Piston
Nickel-made goods from a kick-a** biker out of Atlanta.

1. Lightning Bolt Ring
2. Hobo Nickel Ring
3. Black Diamond Ring 

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