Genius Camping Tarp Doubles as an Outdoor Preparedness Checklist

Someone get this thing some Boy Scout Badges

November 8, 2016 9:00 am

As if finding just the right gear for your next outdoor adventure wasn’t a dizzying enough task already, there’s also making sure you don’t forget anything once you hit the road.

Take it from Craig Rowe, a seasoned hiking guide whose led groups all over California. He’s seen firsthand how important planning is to the outdoor experience — and that’s why the man invented the TripTarp, a 5’ x 7’ tarp designed to double as a gear checklist.

Featuring handy, category-specific zones to help users logistically prepare for their trips in an efficient and visual manner, the TripTarp is the organizational tool you knew never you needed. Look at this way: you’re gonna need a tarp — and this one is made from 70 denier silnylon and treated with a DWR coating for extra water-resistance. It also comes with eight brass grommets.

Point being: you’re gonna need a tarp, this one kicks ass, and it comes with the added bonus of helping you stay organized.

In addition to easier gear sorting, the tarp features an integrated packing list with the best tips and practices for wilderness preparedness.

The TripTarp is currently on Kickstarter. Check out the campaign for full details.


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