Cast Away

By The Editors
May 24, 2014 9:00 am

Gents, welcome to Memorial Day weekend.

The grill is hot. The beer is cold. And your temperament? Mild.

You’ve basically gone ahead and thrown up the “Gone Fishing” sign.

Now here’s how you’ll do that this summer — quite literally. With Fly Fishing Classes from Orvis, taking reservations now.

We like fishing because we like simple. And it doesn’t get any more simple than the humble fly fishing rod. Here’s how you’ll master it:

101 Curriculum
Newbies start here. You’ll learn the basics. How to put a rod together. How to cast and maneuver a catch. This class is held at the Orvis store and costs zero dollars.

201 Curriculum
Test the waters at Beck Lake in Des Plaines. You provide the hand, Orvis provides the gear. Small panfish like blue gill and crappie are what you’ll be after.

301 Curriculum
Consider it graduation. These bigger day trips will get you out to larger waters like the Kankakee River, where you’ll angle for smallmouth bass and bigger catches like trout and carp.

Classes go all summer long and you can get more info here.

Happy fishing.


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