In Honor of Opening Day: The Minor League Sandwich All Stars

Pizza, bacon and clam strips all made the roster this year

By The Editors
April 1, 2016 9:00 am

White balls for batting practice. Ballparks like cathedrals. Women with long legs and brains.

The description Crash Davis gives of the major leagues in Bull Durham may make playing in the Show sound amazing, but the minors have a few things going for them as well.

Namely: sandwiches.

In order to drum up business, Triple-A clubs have a longstanding tradition of enticing fans with one-of-a-kind subs, grinders and hoagies that aren’t available anywhere else.  

In honor of Opening Day, let’s go around the horn with a few of this season’s heroes of the diamond.

Single: Grilled Cheese Hot Dog
The basis of this simple sandwich from the Round Rover Express is a quarter-pound of beef from one of Nolan Ryan’s 100-percent-grass-fed cows. The all-natural beef is then ensconced in a buttery grilled cheese sandwich and served up like a comfort food taco.

Double: Meatlover’s Pizza Burger

When the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers play their first home game on April 9, they’ll be under no pressure to deliver, because they’ve got DiGiorno’s … in burger form. The $22 Meatlover’s Pizza Burger consists of four beef patties wrapped in a pepperoni, bacon and sausage DiGiorno’s pie. Heart attack meds not included.

Triple: The Triple Play Sandwich

Fans of the Reno Aces have been enjoying this ménage à trois of pulled pork, beef brisket and meatballs since 2009. The pork and beef are crammed with coleslaw between slices of Pullman bread and the meatballs, pickles and cherry peppers are popped onto the skewers that hold the massive triple decker together. No need for small talk when you’re finished.

Homerun: Moby Dick Fish Sandwich

The Lake County Captains offer this three-pound sandwich as an option for anyone who wants to double up their recommended 2,000-a-day calorie count in a single sitting. Loaded up with more than a pound of fish filets, six ounces of clam strips, french fries, coleslaw, lettuce, tomatoes, tartar sauce, pickles and eight slices of cheese, the Moby Dick is a whale of a diet-killer.


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