The All-Electric Q30 Is a Silent, Minimalist Dreamboat

Shhh. We're hunting serenity.

July 5, 2018 9:00 am

Oftentimes, a motorized boat ripping through calm water feels a bit oxymoronic.

Should one really interrupt the silent majesty of nature with a boat that runs on a loud, smoggy, gas-powered motor?

Answering that question, and honorably so: the electric Q30 motorboat from Q Yachts.

Powered by an Oceanvolt AXC20 electric motor and clad in glass fiber skin, the Q30 looks the part of a getaway boat in a Mediterranean heist flick. Able to push 15 knots with a respectable cruising speed of 9 knots, the no-emissions vehicle also makes approximately zero noise. See (and hear very little) for yourself here.

q30 (4 images)

Bonus? There’s a gorgeous cabin below deck with a buttery soft bed. Figures to be fairly quiet down there, too.

Find more info on the boat, which has been barnstorming European trade shows this summer, here.

Images: Q Yachts


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