Lady and the Camp

By The Editors
June 15, 2012 9:00 am

Camping is among the most romantic activities — where else can you build a fire together, snuggle close under the stars, and lose yourself in her smoky eau de baked beans.

Get all that romance, with none of that roughing it, at AKA Central Park, now taking summer reservations for their deluxe “outdoor bedroom.”

[callout] … a hotel terrace converted to a five star camping experience [/callout]

Billed as a “pied-a-terre on demand,” AKA’s 17th Floor Penthouse includes a 1,000 square foot wraparound terrace converted to a five star camping experience: a plush queen-sized bed, flickering lanterns, and a wood burning fireplace, all open to expansive skyline views.

The evening includes signature cocktails brought up from AKA’s lounge, as well as midnight snacks of strawberries, champagne, and Jacques Torres chocolate s’mores to be roasted over the fire.

In lieu of fireflies, watch a collection of classic black-and-white horror films on a 42” plasma, or gaze at the stars (read: nearby neighbors) through the telescope. A Nook Simple Touch is stocked with campfire stories for the wee hours, and breakfast is included in the downstairs “”

Feel free to add “long drive home” to the list of things you won’t miss.


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