Deal: This Travel-Size Foam Roller Is 50% Off

Don’t leave home without it

TriggerPoint Mini GRID Foam Roller
Put the TriggerPoint Mini GRID foam roller in your carry-on or suitcase, change the way you travel.

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More stress, worse sleep, greater tension, fewer workouts — these are all byproducts of being a frequent flyer, whether it’s for business or a country hopping vacation. We used to accept these as necessary evils, but thanks to travel-size foam rollers, you can stay relaxed and on your fitness routine away from home.

TriggerPoint makes a suitcase-friendly mini version of its GRID foam roller which is currently 50% off at Walmart. You’re probably familiar with the fitness recovery tool, which you can roll on tight muscles to promote blood and oxygen flow, but you may be less familiar with its usefulness as a stress reliever. Tight back after a flight? Squished into a middle seat? Slept on the tray table? This small foam roller will help you roll out any kinks, in the airport or your hotel room. 

We’ve recommended other recovery tools for your travels, like the Hyperice Hypersphere Mini. But if you want a low-tech option you never have to charge that costs less than a one-day gym pass in your destination city, grab the TriggerPoint Mini GRID while it’s on sale.

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